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Valo Films: Matilda & Pezhman 2019
Romance in Olavinlinna
Jasmin ja Petri
Anna ja Juho häätraileri 2018
Jonna & Andy
Heidi ja Joakim
Tea and Stefan

It´s always better when we are together.

- Jack Johnson

Imagine your special day...

...the one you have dreamed of and prepared for. Your loved ones have gathered to celebrate it and if you could, you would probably put it all in a capsule to cherish. 

Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to revisit that day anytime again? 

Right after timetravel a fine weddingfilm is like the next best thing. We offer our talent to capture your lovestory and create a beautiful video that will live on for future generations to marvel. We would love to get to know you and your chosen one. Each film we create is a unique piece of art - we want it to be specially tailored and crafted in a way that celebrates the love that you are as a couple.

Valo Films_ Matilda & Pezhman 2019 - YouTube - Google Chrome 11_22_2021 13_50_23.png


Simply beautiful


- 6h coverage

- 1 videographer

- 3-5min video

- 30sek teaser

True Love


Highlight film + teaser

- 9h coverage

- 2 persons camera crew

- dronefootage of the venue

- 6-8min edited video of highlights

- 1 min teaser


Starting at 5000€ 

Cinematic shots, wider coverage, bigger cameracrew...

Let us hear your wishes and we will make you an offer to suite the unique plans of your big day. We will design a plan to cover all special moments and events of your big day, and create a beaufiful long lasting memory. 


Valo Films sisters - meet the team

Our core team consists of us three sisters - Ilona, Amanda and Asta

Our passion is to create visual work that reaches within and touches hearts.

You can check out our vibe at our social media accounts - Valo Films on IG and FB.

Depending on the needs of the project, we also hire various professionals to work with us.








for inquires, please send us an email:

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