• Ilona Oranen

Why video

Videos are a powerful tool to convey ideas, inspire and to communicate. A well designed and skillfully created video opens up big potential and new opportunities – especially utilizing the power of social media.

Videos convey information conveniently

   The human brain processes visual 60000x faster than text (Hubspot)

Boost visibility and engage with your audience!

 Publishing a video on social media results in 10 times more the likelihood of sharing and engagement

(Source: Content Marketing Institute).

Useful investment

The majority of marketing professionals all over the world say videos as a marketing tool to have the best return of investment (Adobe).

Also 70% of B2B marketers list videos as an effective way to drive conversions (Demand Metric).

Videos are effective

  Forbes found that 75% of executives watch work-related videos every week and that 65% visit the marketers website after watching.

Videos are popular and simply common sense

  96% of B2B marketers plan to utilized videos in their marketing within the next year (Business 2 Community). Cisco is estimating, that 79% of internet traffic will be based on videos!

Source: https://www.vidyard.com/blog/video-marketing-stats/

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